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This document is incomplete! We are still in the process of finalizing these design features. There will most likely be more and some of what is listed here may not be in the final release.

Travel in MO

MO is essentially a town made up of chat rooms, or as we call them areas. An area can be a room in a house or a park. You pass from area to area via exits. Exits take many forms, an exit can be a door, a staircase or even a road. To display the exits in a room type /exits in your chat field. After you have been to a place it will be added to your Location list so you can go back faster. You cannot go everywhere! Some doors require a key or there is a guard who will not let you pass. It is up to you to figure out how to get into areas which are blocked. Areas also have a limited capacity. You cannot go into an area if it is full. Just like in real life you can’t have 500 people in a room that is 10ft by 10ft.

Non-Player Characters

Not everyone in MO is a person. There are guards, bartenders, store owners and other characters whom are there to provide you with information on an area or provide clues to a crime. When you speak to them they will provide you with a menu of topics you can talk about. Some of them have secret options that you can only learn through investigation sometimes they will drop hints so pay attention to how they respond to you.


When a crime is committed a log of that crime is created immediately and it is added to the crime database. That crime will contain a description of what happened and a list of witnesses. Detectives can then assign themselves to that crime. Only one detective or a Group of detectives can be assigned to that crime at a time. When the crime is solved the Detective must write a report on the investigation. This can be as long or as short as you want. A simple “We got ‘em” is the minimum requirement.


You get rewards for solving or committing crimes. If you solve a crime you get Detective awards, if you commit a crime you get Perp awards. As you get more and more awards new actions and features will be unlocked. Depending on whether you have Detective points or Perp points the features will be different. As you gain more of either type of rewards it will be harder and harder to obtain awards from the other side.

Getting things done

Everyone has a default list of actions you can perform. There are shortcut phrases (ex. /dance tells everyone in the area you are dancing) you can type the commands yourself or you can click on actions in your action list. You can obtain more actions as you gain more awards.


If you are convicted of a crime you will have to serve time. Serving time means you are restricted to the Jail area. This means you can only interact with other people in the jail area. There are no exits, you will not be able to leave jail until your sentence is up. Your jail time will be determined by the severity of your crime. In addition to serving time the crime will be added to your criminal record.

Criminal Record

If you have been convicted of a crime it will be displayed on your criminal record when people view your profile. It is easier to convict someone of a crime if they already have that crime on their criminal record.


You can create groups and operate together to either solve or commit a crimes. In this case you will share the awards. Groups of Perps can all be convicted of the same crime if there is enough evidence that all parties were involved.


Each area has a certain level of visibility. The level of visibility is proportionate to the size of the room. Just like in real life if you are in a small room you can see everything that is going on, but in a Park you would only see a fraction of that. This increases and decreases with the amount of people in the room. If a room is full it may still be very hard to see if something happens.

Crooked Cops

If you have gone the route of detective and you are convicted of a crime your sentence will be more than for a normal criminal! In addition there are crimes that only detectives can commit such as falsifying evidence. You will also loose some of your detective awards.


You will have a journal which we encourage you to use to take notes as you commit or solve crimes. If there is an entry you feel comfortable sharing you can tag it as public for others to read. When viewing other public journal entrees you can rate them on a scale of one to ten. By default public journal entries will be listed from highest rating to lowest.


In order to convict a criminal a Detective must provide sufficient evidence. Evidence can be produced in the form of personal witness (ie someone can testify that they saw you commit the crime). You can find implements used in the crime (Ex a crowbar found on the criminal could be evidence that they broke into somewhere). There are more forms of evidence you will find as you play.

Cold cases

If a case remains unsolved for a long period of time and no one is actively investigating it, it becomes a cold case. As a case becomes colder it becomes worth more awards.

The best way to learn how to play is to talk to people.

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